Mud Blogging

I don’t know much about blogging except that it’s just another internet information tool that seems to be more on a personal level (I had to do some internet school housin’ to learn more about it). But I do know about mud bogging! After three days of rain and soggy wet weather, I got mud slung upon. I flung my share too.

I had to feed the heifer calves early this morning and at the sound of creep feed hitting the feed bunks, it didn’t take long for the semi-frozen mud to turn oozy. I was too lazy to put on a pair of overshoes (more like in a hurry in order to make it to church), and got a nice shiny coat of mud on my boots fighting my way back and forth through the greedy girls to the bunks. My quick fix was to dip my boots in the water tank to clean them off before the mud got a chance to dry.

The muddy dip in front of the stackyard gate at home was nearly dried up from the last snow melt until the weekend rains turned it into a dam. I have to gun it to get through the muddy spot and always worry about hitting a post or the gate going through. Even in four wheel drive the pickup tends to slide around when it hits that greasy spot.

Overall, getting rain was better than getting snow and the gusty winds we got today have already started to dry up some of the mud. Still, I think I’ll put on my overshoes tomorrow.If I didn’t bore you too bad, come back again, and I’ll see if I can’t throw some more dirt at ya.

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